WHR Update 7/9/2017


Hey guys,

This is me tossing out a quick update while I can. My internet has been down so I haven’t been able to do much of anything on the review side of things. I’m still reading, making my way through ARCs and actually I have the reviews written and ready to post. It’s amazing what can be done with no internet distractions.

On top of my internet being down, and by down I mean slowed down to where you can’t do anything, I’ve been sick since I got back from Texas. It started as a sinus infection, turned into a chest cold, went back to head cold, and now it’s just lingering in my chest. I’m still coughing my head off.

Add that in to having to go see a specialist for the acid reflux I’ve been having. You’d never think that could put you in the ER, but it did. Now we’re trying to fix that. Problem here is that I can’t take the medication they gave me, and cold meds, they interact something fierce. It’s why I still have the cough. Trying to get it all sorted, though.

Things are slow, I have promotions I haven’t posted. Some are old now and I’m probably just going to sort things out and proceed on as usual. I’ll be moving stuff around on my Queue to Review today and see where I stand.

On the off note, I recently updated my phone plan so that I get unlimited data. It allows me to turn my phone into a hot spot. That doesn’t do much for the review side of things since I can’t format from my phone but in the course of being sick I finally caught up on some Netflix shows I’d been wanting to see. I pretty much binged watched 13 Reasons Why, Moana, and The Last Kingdom. That’s pretty intense for me since I don’t even watch actual TV. Those were my stay in bed and don’t move.

I can’t seem to catch a break the last few months, though. So I’m going back to turtle speed until things get sorted and I’m back to feeling 100%. It may only be a few reviews a week after I toss out what I already have but they will be there.


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  1. Wow hope you’re feeling better soon and get your Internet back!!!

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    1. Amber says:

      Thanks, doll. Internet still a PITA. :/ And weirdly enough, I still have a lingering cough. lol I’m having issues just opening my email.

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  2. Hope you get better soon!😁

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    1. Amber says:

      Thank you! Still not 100%, hence nothing is happening here. Hopefully soon!

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