Gary & Author Brandon Sanderson

Hi, I’m Gary, a First Class Petty Officer in the US Navy. I have been in the service for going on 12 years. In that time, I have been on ships at sea, boots on the ground in Iraq and an instructor at Great Lakes, IL.

I have loved reading as long as I can remember. I started out reading Hardy Boys and Box Car Kids and choose your own adventure books. When I was in Jr High I found Tolkien who introduced me to fantasy, after that I read anything fantasy I could get my hands on. If I was said to have a niche fantasy would be it.

So you may ask what am I doing here? *gestures at Wild Heart Reviews* Well I got my first introduction into romance back in 2005 when Amber got me reading Undead and Unwed. I loved the book and devoured the series but ultimately let my enjoyment of the genre stop there mostly because being a guy in the romance section of a bookstore alone just feels awkward. More recently Amber recommended I read Coreene Callahan’s Dragon Fury Series and Cambria Hebert’s Hashtag Series. From there I have been reading more romance than I have been reading fantasy.

Recently Amber and I did a joint Random Thursday blog post comparing books to their movie counterparts. Following that, she offered me the chance to review on her blog which I quickly leap at. While I may not love or even like everything I read I know that just because I didn’t like something doesn’t make it bad.