In The Queue To Review

This page is for everything that is currently going on, on the review side of this blog. It’s basically a text calendar. You’ll find what I’m currently reviewing, currently reading and what ARC’s are upcoming to be read/reviewed. The purpose of this page is to keep everyone else updated and to have an online reference in case I don’t, for some ungodly reason, have my planner.

Review Requests:

  • Please send all review requests via email to WildHeartReviews(at)gmail(dot)com
  • You will be getting an -honest- review.
  • I only review in the romance genre!! (Amber) If you want something reviewed in another genre, go ahead and email, but realize that Gary may be reviewing it.
  • If prior to the release date of the book, please give us 2 weeks notice!!
  • Reviews will come out within 3 weeks of requests if we accept them. (Sometimes more, depending on the ARC load.)

Thanks and Happy Reading!


(Updated: 7/9/17

Hey, folks. I’m taking a very small amount of ARCs at this time. I haven’t been able to review anything but ARCs in awhile and would like to take my time with that and the beta reads I have on my hands. Review list has been updated, though.

Thanks!  – Amber)

Currently Reviewing:

  • Cross Check by Kelly Jamieson (Net ARC) – Amber
  • Trust by Kylie Scott (Net ARC) – Amber
  • Blocked by L.P. Dover (Net ARC) – Amber
  • Sweet Summer Love by Sierra Hill (Net ARC) – Amber

Currently Reading:

  • Claire by Abigail Strom (ARC) – Amber
  • Last Semester by Corine Mekaouche (Net ARC) – Amber
  • The Lesson Plan by Charlotte Pen Clarke (Net ARC)- Amber

Upcoming ARC’s to Review:

  • Grand Slam by Heidi McLaughlin (Net ARC) – Amber
  • Cover Fire by Jess Anastasi (Net ARC) – Amber
  • Shattered King by Sherilee Gray (Net ARC) –  Amber

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